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You are able to find out the cheap web hosting wordpress, but you may spend lots of time and money. As we all know that there are so many different web hosting companies that you can choose, you do not know where to start to help you to find out the best one. This article shows you with their performances instantly before invest your money. The uptime and load time has become the most important things that you have to consider first when you are looking for the best hosting instead of their cost or price. The providers below had been monitored for their performance. So, you can check the features, price, support, and limitations as well. the ranking below was based on its average uptime, price and of course, average speed.

Bluehost – start from $2.75/ month 

Bluehost is the top list for the web-hosting company since they are so strong in average 99.99% and 406 ms. You can check their introductory price for the 3-year package is only $2.75/ month and it offers you with various features such as the web builder, free domain name, and one-click installation for Joomia, WordPress and Drupal as well. This provider is super easy to sign up and use along with the 30-day for a money-back guarantee. They also include the built-in panel which makes website setting and adjustment were easier and simpler. Their bandwidth just unmetered along with the maximum storage from 50 GB to the unlimited option. It’s all depending on the package that you choose.

Hostgator Cloud 

This provider offers you unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and storages. The uptime is around 9.98% and load time is 432ms. This provider is one of the fastest web hostings that you can consider since their server is perfect for WordPress. They also offer their clients with the free site migration if you decide to transfer your website to another host without any hassle at all. your packet includes SSL certificate and daily backup. Another great thing about this provider is fast live chat support. Before you sign up, ensure that you check the update cysts which is higher and start right after your billing session ends.

Hostinger – The cheapest provider 

As mentioned above that Hostinger is one of the cheapest web-hosting providers, charge you only $0.99/ month when you choosing the longest plan for 48 months. They have data servers and centers around the world in different regions as well. although, this provider is the cheapest recommendation out there, they succeeded to reach an okay uptime 99.91 %. The average load is very fast as well around 369 ms. You will get the unlimited database and bandwidth unless if you choose the single web hosting package. Keep in mind that not anything is cheap, the necessary add-ons do not include in your basic package.

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SiteGround provides you with the WordPress Support 

You can get introductory package around $3.95 per month for a maximum of 12 months and the renewal date for $11.95 per month. Basically, this provider not the cheapest one. Of course, you can get right its price by offering you with site migration, SSL certificates, daily backups, and email accounts as well. even you can choose impressive features of WordPress such as knowledgeable supporting team for you. However, if you think that your website would be limited to 10 GB, the speed in 713 ms and 10.000 for the monthly visits – then it would be a hard decision. A good point is that they have data centers around Europe, the US, and Asia along with a strong reputation to gain more income.

GoDaddy – Popular Web Hosting Provider 

GoDaddy is so easy to become one of the most popular web hostings in the market. Although their loading time is considerably fast around 517 ms, the uptime at 99.97% may not be ideal for you. At a glance, they offer you with 99.99% uptime, unmetered bandwidth, website storages, and free trial – they sound a good deal for sure. But when you see the striking number and tricky marketing strategies, then it would be harder to get the trust to its reputation.


This provider was founded in 2002 and WebHostingBuzz has specialized itself in the web hosting market. More than 250 server locations from around the world and the load times at 474 ms and uptime at 9.98% bring more values on your table. Their customer support are the best that you can get and they have anything technically questions would be answered in minutes and they also offer you with 45-guarantee for money-back, of course, unlimited bandwidth. You will get site migrations, free domain, 20 GB for the disk space and they just occur as one of the best hostings here.

A2Hosting – Fastest Web Hosting 

A2 Hosting is AS-based hosting which included as the fastest shared web hosting. They successfully reach the impressing time around 336 ms during the 16 months. All plans that they provide also offer you with unlimited storage and bandwidth, responsive customer support, site migration, SSL certificate, and domain name as well. this provider can be a competitor for all top three in this list, but they were held by two big reasons. First, come from their uptime, A2 web hosting was not reliable since it cannot fill up the needs of most webmasters that they need. There are also big limitations in their plans, such as the five databases limits, WordPress limitation and so on. so, if you want to avoid any limitation, then you need to go with a more flexible plan.

iPage – a perfect option for small websites 

iPage has so many things to be offered, such as the affordable price from $1.99% for the first three-year period, the uptimes at 99.97%, nonstop live chat, unlimited storage, bandwidth, domain names, and SSL certificates. There are lots and make you hard to ignore it. But there are a few things that held back iPage get the higher rank in this list. iPage charged cost around $17/ year per domain along with other charges. So there is Cheap web hosting wordpress that you can choose now.